Zebry a Mit „Laumės” – premiere!

Zebry a Mit (Zebras yet a Myth) is a band with the following members: Kamil Szuszkiewicz (Profesjonalizm, Kapacitron), Wojtek Traczyk (Warszawskie Combo Taneczne, Gaba Kulka), Hubert Zemler (Slalom, Babadag, Piętnastka) and once Piotr Dąbrowski (Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra) / now Olgierd Dokalski (kIRk). Their first mini-album called 16′ 25 and released by Lado ABC in 2015 was enthusiastically received by listeners. Two years later, the band returns with a new full-length album, new members and a new concept of music, inspired by traditional Lithuanian songs.

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