About Us

The Kaiser Söze Foundation (2010) was established through a concerted effort of a bevy of over-active art consumers, eager to co-exist on the cultural map of Lublin by organising multifarious activities: musical performances, meetings, Q and As, workshops, as well as releasing records. We reside in and react to Lublin as we firmly believe that this particular town is brimming with aesthetic potential. We are positive that – through present-day initiatives such as ours – in the future Lublin will join the ranks of leading cultural centres in Poland.

We are eager to animate, create, educate, and look around. The Foundation consists of individuals tightly and lastingly attached to the manifold culture of Lublin; each of them is personally involved in building the town’s cultural identity. Apart from local patriotism, they are united through their joint enthusiasm for the Other, for other cultures and programmatic travelling as a means of informed acculturation.

The Foundation is primarily devoted to the dissemination of culture – be it in and of Lublin, the country, and the world. A wide array of activities allows us to undertake various cultural and educational initiatives – concerts, seminars, lectures, workshops, competitions, stipends, books, and records. We aspire to see to the fruition of our own novel cultural initiatives as well as to support already existing worthwhile undertakings. Equally, we are keen to offer advice regarding the promotional, organisational and content-specific sides of your plans, projects, and pursuits. As tutors, experts, role models, and leaders of our initiatives, we invite artists, practitioners, specialists, journalists, cultural and social activists, as well as volunteers. Our endeavour is across-the-board cooperation, liaison with Lubliners with a view to bridging the gap between the town’s sundry circles.

Drawing on their non-depleteable experiential resources of studies and work as well as listening attentively to Kaiser Söze’s godfatherly stage-whisper, Renata Kamola, Małgorzata Paprota, and Bartosz Wójcik opted to enter the artery of Lublin’s culture so as to – paradoxically – celebrate the off-road, shed a very unique light on the periphery, and amplify the phenomena muffled by mainstream.

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