Premiere of our special project: Pępek świata (Navel of the world)

Pępek świata (Navel of the world) is a musical project devoted to Lublin’s history from the perspective of events, places and people who witnessed and created it. We invited musicians from Lublin and outside who wrote works inspired by various stories from Lublin’s history. The initiative, set firmly in the process of researching the history of Lublin, is associated with jubilee celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the city, which is held in 2017.

The following artists took part of the project: Antonina Nowacka, Krzysztof Topolski, Sebastian Mac, Mateusz Bąkała, Sabah Al Ani, Patryk Zakrocki, emiter, Maciej Połynko and Kamil Szuszkiewicz.

Apart from the CD the album includes a book with stories illustrated by wonderful collages created by the visual artist Ludomir Franczak.

Download both the album and the book for free.