Marcin Dymiter – The Life and Death of Janina Węgrzynowska



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Marcin Dymiter’s music composed for Ludomir Franczak’s performance “The Life and Death of Janina Węgrzynowska” created in 2016 as part of the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute’s programme “Placówka”. Dymiter transposed a very concrete experience related to the existence and creative output of the artist onto the abstract dimension, devoid of visual specificity.

“The Life and Death of Janina Węgrzynowska”, created by Ludomir Franczak, is a project from the very edges of theatrical production, visual arts and documentary making. The initial focus is on a female artist who devoted all of her life to creative work, yet remained wholly unknown to the wider public, as well as the artistic community. The basis for this performance is the ever-growing archive of works, objects and documents left behind by the artist, which becomes a source of knowledge about Węgrzynowska, meanwhile forming the foundation for further activities. The overall effect is a show / performative installation which completely does away with live actors. The project takes up the theme of loneliness, focusing on that which death leaves behind – one’s works, personal belongings, furniture – an excess of things which suddenly become a problem for those who inherit them. Focusing away from the character of Węgrzynowska, the play tells a story which is relevant to all human beings.

Marcin Dymiter uses Węgrzynowska’s choosen works as music scores – graphic notations for which he seeks equivalents. Dymiter builds music structures based on rhythm and disruption. He transposes a very concrete experience related to the existence and creative output of the artist onto the abstract dimension, devoid of visual specificity. On one hand this is Dymiter’s interpretation of Węgrzynowska’s works, on the other – a usage of recordings found in her workshop combined with the knowledge of what sounds have been present in the artists life.

The album is released jointly with the Theatre Confrontations Festival and available exclusively only as a cassette tape.

Marcin Dymiter – music, mix, mastering
Małgorzata Kęsicka – oboe
Daniela Odiji’s poem red by Irena Jun
Cover design: Ludomir Franczak

Marcin Dymiter aka Emiter explores the territory of electronica and improvised music. He creates sound installations, radio plays, film music, scores for plays, exhibitions and public spaces. He orchestrates and performs music to silent movies. He conducts sound engineering / recording workshops and carries out educational activities disseminating the idea of field recording. Creator of sound maps, originator of the “Sound Postcards” project and the “Field Notes” project. Has collaborated with visual artists and dancers, including Anna Baumgart, Joanna Rajkowską, Anna Witkowską, Ludomir Franczak, Risa Takita, as well as with poet Marcin Świetlicki and novelist Daniel Odija. Member of music projects: niski szum, emiter_franczak audio video performance, Flora Quartet, BAZA.

Music producer. Co-creator and curator, alongside Ludomir Franczak, of the mikro_makro Festival and of other sound projects. Participant in music workshops in Poland and abroad, including workshops by Le Quan Ninh, Andrew Sharpley, John Butcher, Robin Minard. Recipient of the scholarship from the University of the Arts in Berlin, short-listed in the Netmage International Multimedia Festival Competition in Bologna. Recipient of the scholarship of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2011), as well as of the Visigrad Foundation (2012). Member of the Polish Association of Electroacoustic Music.


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