Kucharczyk Live in Lublin

Don’t miss Wojtek Kucharczyk’s concert on the 16th of November at 9pm at Prepar (4 Orla Street) in Lublin.

Wojciech Kucharczyk – deals with basically everything that is associated with art. He has done practically everything – from making cassettes (starting around 1994), records of every kind, books, to exhibitions, talks, lectures, demonstrations, solo’s, in groups, at a distance, on-site at meadows, in the mud, in a palace. Wojtek is known in Poland and abroad since he performed in such places as Moscow, Minsk, Tel Aviv, Paris, London, New York, Miami and Mexico City.

He lives in Skoczów, a small city.

Since 1995 he’s the boss of the record label Mik.Musik.!.

His first group was Mołr drammaz. Then came more bands and projects: Retro*Sex*Galaxy, Pathman, Go Underground To See More Animals, HWDJazz, Iron Noir and The Complainer. He’s planning even more but now he performs as Wojciech Kucharczyk.

He would like one day to live somewhere far away, where it’s always warm. He really hates winter and loves the sun. Wojtek is gardener-beginner.


Tickets: 10 zł