Kaiser @ Konfrontacje Festival

There will be some Kaiser Söze related events at the soon-to-come Konfrontacje Festival in Lublin – Ludomir Franczak’s performance co-produced by us, a concert of Marcin Dymiter’s and Paul Wirkus’es music, release of our music label’s new album.

On October 12, expect Ludomir Franczak’s performance/installation “The Life and Death of Janina Węgrzynowska” with 3 shows. It is a project from the very edges of theatrical production, visual arts and documentary making. The initial focus is on a female artist who devoted all of her life to creative work, yet remained wholly unknown to the wider public, as well as the artistic community. Read more here >>>

On October 13, we would like to invite you to Marcin Dymiter’s and Paul Wirkus’es concert. You can also buy a cassette tape with music composed by Marcin Dymiter for Franczak’s performance mentioned above.

The musical evening will consist of three concerts. The first one, performed by Marcin Dymiter, references the soundtrack to the performance / installation by Ludomir Franczak – “The Life and Death of Janina Węgrzynowska”. Dymiter will transpose a very concrete experience related to the existence and creative output of the artist onto the abstract dimension, devoid of visual specificity. The concert also promotes a new album of music composed for Franczak’s work, released jointly by the Kaiser Söze Foundation and the Theatre Confrontations Festival and available exclusively as a cassette tape. The second concert is a showcase of Paul Wirkus’ latest album Carmen et Error, which is construed as the author’s fragmentary self-portrait, focused on minimalism and subtle electronica but also incorporating elements of underground rock, drawings and texts, and altogether justifiably approximating the “record by artists” subcategory. As a finale – and the evening’s third concert, both artists will play together. Read more here >>>