Bombing the Navel of the World

We’re working on a musical project devoted to Lublin’s history titled „Pępek świata” (Navel of the World). It will be released in October this year. The artists who we invited wrote works that were inspired by various stories from Lublin’s history. Two pieces have been inspired by two different stories which took place during the bombing of Lublin in 1939. We would like to honor this tragic circumstance at an event held with Dom Słów and Centrum Badania Możliwości.

We invited Kamil Szuszkiewicz who wrote a piece devoted to Janina Reszka – a hairdresser from Lublin who died from the same bomb that killed the famous Lublin poet, Józef Czechowicz. Maciej Połynko will also perform and present his work on Jan Gilas’s heroic act of dragging out a bomb that hit the Lublin City Council Hall. Lublin based musicians, Jacek Steinbrich and Maciej Pałka will join the artists at the concert.

Bombing the Navel of the World, 8 September 2017, Lublin


11:00 Szuszkiewicz/Steinbrich @Józef Czechowicz’s monument

19:00 Maciej Połynko @Dom Słów

20:00 Szuszkiewicz/Połynko/Steinbrich/Pałka @Dom Słów



Kaiser Söze Foundation, Dom Słów, Centrum Badania Możliwości


The compilation is funded by the Municipality of Lublin as part of the city’s 700th jubilee celebrations (1317-2017).