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Get a Certified Copy of Your Birth Certificate

Dec 02, 2019· A certified birth certificate copy is required for getting a US passport and when applying for Social Security benefits.It is also considered valid proof of US citizenship by federal, state and local government agencies. A birth certificate may be required when applying for some jobs and may, in the future, be required when getting or renewing a driver's license.

4 Ways to Obtain a Copy of Your Birth Certificate in Kentucky

Mar 08, 2020· Pay for the copy of the birth certificate. The $10 fee per birth certificate copy can be paid online by check or credit card (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa). There is an additional fee for the online service. Certificate copies can be mailed by overnight carrier for the cost of shipping.

Certified Copy - Birth Certificate / Marriage Certificate ...

That certificate is called a “Certified Copy”, as indicated by the black-colored arrow in the sample birth certificate below. That is what most people call an “original” birth certificate, but in reality, you are never issued the original birth certificate—only a certified copy.

What is a Certificate of Live Birth? - US Birth Certificates

Then, the vital records office will issue a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate for parents to keep on record. This is a legally-valid government-issued copy of the original that remains on file. A certified copy of a birth certificate contains information such as: The baby’s full name;