(School) Teachers Vs (Office) Clerks or Roots Defender Meets Śmierć Disko

15 February (Friday) 2013
Scena Opium, ul. Langiewicza 10, Lublin

Every season calls for a brand new opening. That is why, to celebrate half-term winter wonderland, the Kaiser Söze Foundation set up a duel between two Lublin-based DJ collectives: Roots Def(ender) – a reggae-loving ensemble that is lethal as ever and heavy as lead – and Śmierć Disko, literally “Death to Disco”, an off-the-beaten-track sonic combo.

Their tenuous armistice has outstayed its unwelcome welcome. Fortunately, their ceasefire turned out to be neither ceaseless nor fireproof. All the parties, including the clash-hungry revellers, party-goers and occasional wallflowers, have grown sick and tired of waiting (almost in vain) for the next chapter in the great book of aural fratricidal confrontation. It’s time for propa tunes, files, vile, vinyls, and vials to hit the stage, for the bass-heavy speakers to pump molten dancefloor killers, for the legions of feet to stomp to the beat, for the hands to clap, you name it, etc.

Come to Scena Opium, rock and come in, and (should you be so lucky) witness the swift death of Roots Def or (fingers crossed!) experience the belated demise of Śmierć Disko:

School Teachers vs Office Clerks
the West Indies’ vibe vs indie (music)
old (school) vs alt(ernative)

Support your local dj collective: dance the night away and sing your throat off!

Come to Scena Opium and check if Śmierć Disko is deadly enough to dance on Roots Def’s grave. Come to Scena Opium and see for yourself if Roots Defender manages to make Śmierć Disko go to hell in a handbasket.

All tribes welcome. All files, vinyls, and cds allowed.

The party starts at 21. The clash begins at 23.
Mr Tea J (London) will warm the dancefloor before the clash.

tax: 8 zlotys