TeChytrze – Chłopaki czekajta

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1. Nie pojadę
2. Wilcy w orzechach z leszczyny
3. Fale
4. Rozbrat
5. Całe
6. B&B
7. Oj, lulaj
8. Pojewalczyk pojezierski
9. Surf zalewski
10. A ja ni mam
11. My też

TeChytrze is a musical project started in spring 2017 by Jacek Steinbrich – a doublebassist and a guitarist from Lublin whose musical interests range from punk, blues, minimalism to jazz, free jazz, classical and contemporary music. Jacek, a finalist in the competition Cage 1, 2, 3, and an attendant of various jazz and composition workshops, has lead and worked with different groups, such as free-jazz Re.mus, surf-psychodelic Braces Are Beautiful, Cząstki Elementarne collective and Dokalski/Cieślak/Miarczyński/Steinbrich quartet.

As a result of extreme space-time disorders, our great-grandmothers planted cabbage next to American cotton plantations, reached distant preaires, and were influenced by punk revolution. The themes of slave work songs were entwined with peasant songs, whereas punk and western music were intermingled with lyric poetry. Untypical neighbourhood and circumstances gave birth to new musical genres. Exotic melodies replaced the tradiotnal ones, but the lyrics remained unchanged.

Techytrze try to recreate that kind of music.

Jacek Steinbrich

Renata Krawczyk – vocal
Weronika Nowacka – vocal
Lidia Szpulka – vocal
Ania Trawicka – vocal
Roman Chraniuk – double bass, voice
Jakub Miarczyński – drums, voice
Jacek Steinbrich – guitar, voice

Lyrics: traditional music from Lublin and Kurpie (10) regions
Music: Jacek Steinbrich
Recording and production: Maciej Połynko
Recorded in Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Otwock, March 2017
Cover: Sławomir Księżniak
Pictures: Paulina Grzędziela

The album was released thanks to the scholarship given by the Mayor of the City of Lublin

All rights reserved
Jacek Steinbrich & Fundacja Kaisera Söze 2017