Pogorzelec Finally Rmxd

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1. Bartek Kujawski – Pogo
2. Dariusz Kociński – pgrmx nr 45
3. DJ Czarny Latawiec – Pogorzelec in Gilderoy’s dream
4. Lugozi – Pogorzelec/Zimnopalenie
5. Konrad Chyl – POGO#2
6. Tsar Poloz – Champagne 90%
7. Bartosz Weber – Pogorzelec cowboy mix
8. Robert Piernikowski – Jakaś kaseta brata
9. RSS B0YS – N00M M00N 0N
10. KGS – Her Chemical Majesty
11. UL/KR – Może
12. Wojciech Kucharczyk – Bulup
13. Zenial – Zabezpieczenie przed skanami…
14. Piotr Tkacz – Poręczyciel

“Pogorzelec” (“Burnt”), an off-the-beaten-track record by legendary Sebastian Buczek, has recently received a jaw-dropping makeover courtesy of Poland’s finest producers of electronic and experimental music: Bartek Kujawski, Dariusz Kociński, DJ Czarny Latawiec, Lugozi, Konrad Chyl, Tsar Poloz, Bartosz Weber, Robert Piernikowski, RSS B0YS, KGS, UL/KR, Wojciech Kucharczyk, Zenial, Piotr Tkacz.

This assortment of signature remixes has resulted in a stunningly coherent album that is reminiscent of an eerie soundtrack to a non-existent but sought-after cult movie. Its plot could potentially tell the dramatic story of a village nestled in the east of Poland, set alight and razed to the ground by Napoleon in revenge for being jilted by a lover. Subtle clicks, mysterious hisses, and intimate techno – these are the core sounds, the building blocks of this suggestive and consistent LP.

Cover photo: Tom Kulbowski
Mastering: Dariusz Kociński

Kaiser Soze Foundation, Lublin 2013

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LAJF. Magazyn Lubelski
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