Olgierd Dokalski: Mirza Tarak

dokalski-okładka mała


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1. Problem sam się naprawia 6:41
2. W drodze 5:03
3. Budzisz się jako Czapla 4:07
4. Kraina ciszy i ciemności 1:25
5. Iluminacja 2:22
6. Dönmeh 2:22
7. Mizogin 4:37
8. Adana 2:20
9. Malahuda 8:28
10. Nie zapomnisz mnie 5:53
Total time: 43:17

The first solo album by Olgierd Dokalski – the improvising trumpeter so far known as the leader of Daktari and nor cold, the co-leader of kIRk and Msza święta w Altonie (Holy Mass in Altona), and a member of Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra.

Olgierd Dokalski – a musician, a composer and an improviser. A self-taught trumpeter. A cybernetic specialist, and a cultural anthropology aficionado. Born in Warsaw in 1983. The founder and leader of Daktari – a quintet inspired by the aesthetics of postrock, folk, and avant-garde jazz. With the Polish-Israeli-Belgian quartet nor cold established in 2012, Olgierd interpreted Sephardic songs originating from the early twentieth-century Balkans. Olgierd also co-operates with kIRk, Msza święta w Altonie and Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra with whom he has released eight albums for the labels such as Multikulti Project, Asfalt Records and Requiem Records. He is also a co-founder of Circon Int. DIY label.

On April 5, 2016 the Kaiser Söze Foundation is releasing Olgierd’s first solo album entitled “Mirza Tarak” that showcases his interests in cultural studies and genealogy.

This is what the artist writes about the album: “I have decided to record “Mirza Tarak” inspired by the history of Jakub Murza Buczacki, of Tarak coat of arms, who set off for his Hajj at the end of the eighteen century influenced by the events of the Targowica Confederation. Buczacki was one of the few Polish Tatars (the first from the Southern Podlasie) who undertook the pilgrimage to Mecca. What have I found so interesting in this story? Why have I decided to translate it into music? My album and the text attempt to answer these questions.”

The album was recorded in January 2015 in Oktan Studio in Warsaw with the following line-up:
Antonina Nowacka – voice
Daria Wolicka – flute
Maciej Rodakowski – tenor saxophone
Gamid Ibadullayev – drums, percussion, balaban
Olgierd Dokalski – trumpet, voice

Production: Michał Kołowacik and Olgierd Dokalski
Mix and mastering: Michał Kołowacik

Cover: Antonina Nowacka / The cover presents the Tarak Coat of Arms interpretated by Antonia Nowacka.

Music by Olgierd Dokalski, except
2, 4 – Olgierd Dokalski, Antonina Nowacka, Daria Wolicka,  Maciej Rodakowski, Gamid Ibadullayev
6 – Antonina Nowacka i Gamid Ibadulayew
8 – Antonina Nowacka, Daria Wolicka and Gamid Ibadullayev (based on the traditional melody of Sari Gelin)

All rights reserved

Olgierd Dokalski & Fundacja Kaisera Söze 2016