MEM: Tydzień (Week)

MEM: Tydzień (Week)



Tydzień (Week):

1. Poniedziałek (Monday)
2. Wtorek (Tuesday)
3. Środa (Wednesday)
4. Czwartek (Thursday)
5. Piątek (Friday)
6. Sobota (Saturday)
7. Niedziela (Sunday)

Kaiser Söze Foundation is rescuing from oblivion yet another gem found among the dross of the Lublin underground: Tydzień (The Week), a record by the duo Manualny Elektryk Muzyk (MEM). A concept album, Tydzień was recorded in May 2007, at a time when it seemed at least half of “the scene” legged it from the country, and the future didn’t seem all that bright. Tydzień was a letter sent from Lublin to friends in Dublin, London or Berlin, where it flowed from speakers at expat house parties or trickled through the headphones of homies heading for work; a letter from a country engulfed by ever-deeper, deeply unfunny absurdity. This record is not only a 22’18” chunk of fine music and intriguing lyrics, but a peculiar lesson in very recent history.

Manualny Elektryk Muzyk (Sebastian Napierała and Piotr Kala) formed in 1998, initially as an experimental rather than a gig-playing project. MEM developed their musical ideas in other bands: Futura (a concert in Mózg in 2000), Mariusz Wanx and Burak Cukrowy, with MEM serving as a workshop project where music was created.

MEM drew their inspiration from all forms of art. Their musical archive has over 200 pieces; these are well-defined musical images rather than loony psychedelic pieces. Among these is a record, made in Dom Kultury Kolejarza, which became the starting point for the avant-pop band Na Tak.

MEM is all about minimalism. By reducing musical events, MEM arrive at the very core of contemporary music. They are two musicians digging into music to strip it of its reduntant, obfuscatory layers.

Tydzień was recorded and produced on May 21-27, 2007. It was the first material recorded by MEM in Bychawka, launching a home studio comprised of a computer and a mixer.

Kaiser Söze Foundation, Lublin 2012

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