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1. Lądowanie (Landing)
2. Rekonesans (Reconnaissance)
3. Nie jesteśmy tu sami (We Are Not Alone Here)
4. Milion lat świetlnych (A Million Light Years)
5. Ich dzikie serca (Their Wild Hearts)
6. Bez powrotu (No Return)
7. Tam, gdzie rodzi się dzień (Where the Day Breaks)

Three years since the release of “III”, kIRk returns with “Ich dzikie serca” (“Their Wild Hearts”), a brand new concept album typified by a distinct storyline, narrative twists and turns, and a gripping finale. “Ich dzikie serca” (“Their Wild Hearts”) is a story of intrepid daredevils who have ventured out into the unknown. It treats of the attempt to tackle the uncharted territory, of fear and excitement that they experienced million light years away from home, of the metamorphosis that they underwent upon encountering the Other. This is a record of the thirst for knowledge, of transgression and recklessness, of – in a nutshell – humanity as we all know it first-hand.

“Ich dzikie serca” (“Their Wild Hearts”) constitutes yet another phase of the band’s creative exploration initiated last year on “Za ostatni grosz” [“For the Last Cent”], a seven-inch vinyl single featuring their memorable interpretation of Budka Suflera’s evergreen.

As an album, “Ich dzikie serca” (“Their Wild Hearts”) bears the imprint of the echoes of individual fascinations of members of kIRk, among others Erich von Däniken and Bogusław Polch’s comic books, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Ridley Scott’s Alien, Wolfgang Petersen’s Enemy Mine, and the creative output of Alejandro Jodorowsky; musically, the record is influenced by a range of sources: from Don Cherry’s electric jazz Brown Rice to post-punk Psychic TV, to Vangelis and Irene Papas’ Odes, to… Msza Święta w Brąswałdzie, i.e., kIRk’s own 2011 LP.

photo: Laura Ociepa

kIRk challenge your sense of self by relentlessly undermining the modes of attentiveness you bring to the music. It provides a soundtrack for sleepwalking, hypnotism, undeath, and all liminal states of consciousness. You could almost call it ‘trance’. Pavel Godfrey, The Quietus

It’s serious brainwrong fun. Joe Muggs, Mixmag

kIRk is a band looking for new forms of expression at the crossroads of electronic and acoustic music. The group consists of four musicians: Antonina Nowacka (vocal), Paweł Bartnik (electronics), Olgierd Dokalski (trumpet), and Filip Kalinowski (turntable). Each of them comes from a different musical background and therefore they approach composition in various ways. Nevertheless, their common ground is improvisation, which allows the sound to travel far beyond the limitations of any genre. Intuition and the will to communicate lead the team to their goals. The outcome is a sound filled with organic drama that steers clear of the obvious.

The leader of the Swans, Michael Gira, pioneer of futuristic jazz trumpet, Nils Peter Molvaer, and the godmother of experimental beats and bass scene, Mary Anne Hobbs, all spoke warmly of the progressive thinking and revolutionary attitude of the band. kIRk visited the renowned British music site The Quietus, the legendary Tresor Club and such festivals as OFF, Open’er and Satta Outside.

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