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1. Wschód 07:11
2. Miejski Dyskurs 08:44
3. Przetrwać Pożądanie 06:55
4. Szpital Przemienienia cz. 1 04:02
5. Poranny Chodnik 02:57
6. Leśne zgliszcza 03:58
7. Lament 04:57
8. Szpital Przemienienia cz. 2 06:21
9. Poza kadrem 05:15
10. Wyjście 02:43
Total time: 53:03

The album Dokalski/Cieślak/Miarczyński/Steinbrich came out as the result of the meeting of four musicians who share interest in free jazz, improvisation, instant composing, and contemporary music.

The themes written by Olgierd and the compositions collectively improvised by the group create a coherent and interesting, yet uncompromising musical collage. Intense improvising is interwoven with minimalism, prepared instruments and sonorism go hand in hand with standard jazz instrumentation, free jazz rubs shoulders with film soundtrack themes, and classic jazz production includes elements of dub and industrial music.

The album is the realisation of Jacek Steinbrich’s project for which he was awarded a scholarship by the Mayor of Lublin City. The musicians met together in Lublin a number of times, played a few concerts and took part in the recording session.

The album was recorded in the following line-up:
Olgierd Dokalski – trumpet
Tadeusz Cieślak – alto and soprano saxophones
Jacek Steinbrich – double bass
Jakub Miarczyński – drums, percussion.

Recorded by: Jarek Rudnicki
Mix: Michał Kołowacik
Mastering: Paweł Bartnik
Cover design: Sławomir Księżniak

Olgierd Dokalski – a musician, a composer and an improviser. A self-taught trumpeter. A cybernetic specialist, and a cultural anthropology aficionado. Born in Warsaw in 1983. The founder and leader of Daktari – a quintet inspired by the aesthetics of postrock, folk, and avant-garde jazz. With the Polish-Israeli-Belgian quartet nor cold established in 2012, Olgierd interpreted Sephardic songs originating from the early twentieth-century Balkans. Olgierd also co-operates with kIRk, Msza święta w Altonie and Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra with whom he has released eight albums for the labels such as Multikulti Project, Asfalt Records and Requiem Records. He is also a co-founder of Circon Int. DIY label. On April 5, 2016 the Kaiser Söze Foundation released Olgierd’s first solo album entitled “Mirza Tarak” that showcases his interests in cultural studies and genealogy.

Tadeusz Cieślak – represents the generation of young Lublin improvisers. Tadeusz never restricts himself to any particular music stylistics and always tries to find different kinds of musical expression. He plays alto and soprano saxophones. The leader of Tadeusz Cieślak Trio, a member of 3275kg Orchestra, Sekta Denta, Betanjehu and Cząstki Elementarne. The cofounder of Centrum Badania Możliwości (The Centre of Exploring Possibilities) – an independent record label, and the first Congress of Aleatoric Musicians – an independent music festival. Tadeusz has taken part in Walter Thompson’s soundpainting workshops and performed Cornelius Cardew’s works.

Jakub Miarczyński – the graduate of The Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wroclaw, a musician, a sideman, a drummer and an improviser playing in various jazz groups. Jakub has also dabbled in films and cooperated with theatres, such as The Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theater in Krakow, and the Wuppertal theatre. He has taken part in a number of workshops, including New York School for Improvisational Music. Jakub regularly gigs in Poland and abroad. He loves authentic emotions in music, regardless of the style.

Jacek Steinbrich – a double bassist and guitarist interested in different kinds of music, including punk, blues, minimalism, jazz, free jazz, classical and contemporary music. He works with various groups such as Polish-Irish free jazz Re.mus, and surf-psychodelic Braces are Beautiful. Jacek is also a member of Cząstki Elementarne. He has taken part in many workshops on jazz and improvised music and has reached the final of the competition for composers Cage 1,2,3.

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