Brzoska/Marciniak/Markiewicz: Wpław

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1. dwóch mija się z psami (5:48)
2. hans christian andersen podróżuje do dalarny z napisem (5:35)
3. braki (4:07)
4. czarna magia (3:45)
5. czynny żal (5:22)
6. siedem warstw jesieni (3:20)
7. nauka farbą (2:08)
8. ujście (5:56)
9. kapitan i polifale (3:01)
10. składniki obce (2:14)
11. krótka medytacja (4:03)
12. klan (4:49)
13. najdłuższe światła świata (2:18)

“Wpław” (Float) is the Brzoska/Marciniak/Markiewicz trio’s second album. The songs are poems tuned by an electric guitar and a trumpet with a deeper “dive” than the first release “Brodzenie” (Wading). Marciniak and Markiewicz’s music freely floats through Brzoska’s spoken word. It’s about what happens while they swim through the years lying at shore.

Wojciech Brzoska (b. 1978) – poet, author of eight poetry collections. Published his verse in the majority of leading Polish literary and cultural periodicals as well as internationally, among others in Sodobnost (Slovenia), Zeichen & Wunder (Germany), Cordite Poetry Review (Australia), and in numerous anthologies published domestically and abroad. His poetry has been translated into English, German, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, and Spanish. Co-founder and vocalist of Brzoska i Gawroński, a band that has so far released two records: Nunatak (2012), and Słońce, lupa i mrówki [The Sun, the Looking Glass, and the Ants] (2015).

Łukasz Marciniak (b. 1984) – guitarist, composer, music aficionado residing in Katowice. Co-creator of Makemake, an improvised music duo noted its open compositions informed by ambient, free jazz and contemporary music. Makemake’s discography consists of two albums: From the Earth to the Moon (2016) and Something Between (Zoharum 2017). At present, he is also a member io, a trio specialising in contemporary chamber music. In his solo work, he is involved in mastering his own idiom of articulation (pizzicato, prepared instruments), using in his playing also space and breath and merging them with noise and electronics. He performed in duets with among others Lena Czerniawska, Kuba Sokołowski, and Jacek Mazurkiewicz.

Marcin Markiewicz (b. 1977) – trumpeter, vocalist, lyricist active on the reggae scene. Co-founder and leader of Konopians, a reggae ensemble. Cultural manager, photographer.

Recorded in December 2018 in the S-tone Studio in Sosnowiec, Poland.

Wojciech Brzoska – voice
Łukasz Marciniak – electric guitar / prepared guitar
Marcin Markiewicz – trumpet

Sound engineering, mix and mastering – Rafał Nowak
Album design – Anna Pluta
Front cover design – Pola Dwurnik

Experts from Fernando Pessoi’s “short medition” translated by Wojciech Charchalis.

All rights reserved
Kaiser Söze Foundation 2019


premiere: 11 April 2019